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Border Patrol as a Function of White Supremacy- Why no Mexican should serve:

An open letter to Racists on the Eve of their Wake Up Call:


Links on Immigration:

History of Racism:

Hatred of Mexicans:

Cold as ICE:

Immigration Part1.:

Immigration Part2.:

Immigration Part3.:

Immigration Part4.:

Immigration Detention:

The Wall:

Trafficking and Slavery:

Split Decision on DACA:

Immigrants ft. Univision’s Jorge Ramos:

Reality of Border Experience:

Private Prisons Part 1:

Private Prisons Part 2:

Private Prisons Part 3:

Private Prisons Part 4:

Private Prisons Part 5:

Private Prisons Part 6:

Prison Phone- Right to Connect:


Links on Racism/Alt-right/White Supremacy

Resisting Supremacy:

Shithole America:

Arresting Hate:

Why You Hate Hillary:

Shifty and Shady people connected to Trump:

Crimes and Criminals:

Fargo is North Carolina:

Trump Effect:

Power Players in Trump’s Admin.

Impact of Police in Schools:

Prosecuting Police:

Police Body Cameras:

Caucus Hispano:

Hispanic Caucus:

Knowledge Sacks – Dealing with Ethnic Cleansing, Poverty and Toxic Relationships:

Toxic Men:


Indigenous People’s Day:

Polite White Supremacy:

God and Conservative Christians:

Donald Trump:

Black Lives Matter not All Lives Matter:

SWATS for Suicides:

Another Lying Cop Part 1.:

Another Lying Cop Part 2.:

People of Color Dying in Jail:

Finding Me: No Police

Being an Ally: Trans Voices:

Immigrant Heart Show- Equity and Justice:

Education Reform and #BLM, Disaster Capitalism:

Cultural Appropriation:

Hate Crimes and Hate Mongers:

Links En Espanol:

Sistema de Injusticia Americano Parte 1.:

Sistema de Injusticia Americano Parte 2.:


Abusos Civiles Y Sexuales:

Violaciones Y Derechos:

Trucos Sucios de la Migra:


Raices Indigenas:

Noticias sobre DACA y DAPA:


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