A Mexican Crossing Lines – Power Players

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 17, 2018 “Power Players”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: Exploration of some of the power players and their connections to White Supremacy.

BBQ Becky calls Police, Aaron Schlossberg, an attorney in New York, Roger Stone promoting Hulk Hogan, Kekistan by Cassandra Fairbanks,  Cassandra Tweet Kanye Trump MAGA Hat,  Kanye, plus More……


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An Open Letter to White People on the Eve of Their Wake Up Call



The Atlantic: The Secret History of the Plot Against Gawker



The Guardian: Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and the Death of Democracy



Reddit: There are a lot of Shady People Connected to Trump



Stephen Miller, Duke, Donald Trump



Shaun King Black Lives Matter



Gateway Pundit Cassandra Fairbanks Article on Kanye West



Elle: Kanye retweeted Men’s rights Activists



OK SYMBOL- Know Your Memes



Michael Cohen took cash from Oligarch connected firm



Peter Thiel: Gawker



Ray McGovern Law and Disorder with NLG Jeff Haas



Ray McGovern Interview of Jeff Haas

Podcast: http://lawanddisorder.org/2016/09/law-and-disorder-september-18-2016/


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