Knowledge Sacks – Dealing with Ethnic Cleansing, Poverty & Toxic Relationships in AmeriKKKa

New Talk show on KPPP-LP 88.1 Fargo-Moorhead!
Knowledge Sacks- Fridays at 10 PM CST.

-Weekly talk show by Paula Martínez-Bon. The broadcast focuses on issues pertaining to the island of Puerto Rico by tying current events, politics and historical context together while building community and solidarity.


~Knowledge Sacks: Dealing with Ethnic Cleansing, Poverty & Toxic Relationships in AmeriKKKa – aired on March 9, 2018


Listen to an Audio Podcast of the Show Here:


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Extra Reading Materials and Videos:…-loom/403374002/…gh-choice-8385159…hool-infrastructure


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