The Warren Debacle Exacerbates a 527 year old Problem

Critique to date:There have been a lot of articles written about Elizabeth Warren’s use of Direct to Market testing to prove her native ancestry and what it means both politically and socially in the USA. This action was complicated & layered by the involvement of Carlos Bustamante, a Latino genomicist who has been a vocal advocate for Amerindigenous research. Many of the strongest objections have come from American Indian academics and genome scientists. These highly credentialed Natives have come under attack from laypeople & media alike for being out of touch with grassroots Native community members.

Standing Rock Caravan Infiltrators

The people that have been identified in this report are persons that are connected to groups and leaders which were involved in the protest which unfolded against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota from April 2016 through February 2017 and which our station has been investigating since then.

Protestantes de Standing Rock se filtran a la Caravana Migrante

Resumen de los hechos
Las personas que se encuentran identificadas en esta nota son personas que están vinculadas a grupos y líderes que vengo investigando desde el 2016 cuando se desató una protesta en contra del oleoducto Dakota Access Pipeline en Dakota del norte. Las experiencias que se vivieron aquí en Dakota del norte por culpa de estos individuos y los grupos que lideraban llevó a que muchas personas inocentes y terceros terminarán siendo víctimas de sus acciones, ya sea por lesiones, robos, secuestros, violaciones, y mas.