Standing Rock Caravan Infiltrators

Standing Rock Caravan Infiltrators                          

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By Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp December 11,  2018

Summary of Events

The people that have been identified in this report are persons that are connected to groups and leaders which were involved in the protest which unfolded against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota from April 2016 through February 2017 and which our station has been investigating since then. What people experienced in North Dakota as a result of these individuals and the groups they were leading resulted in many innocent people and third parties getting hurt (either by injury, theft, kidnapping, rape or other means) because of their actions.

They form part of a vast and sophisticated network which is comprised of politicians (members of congress) activists, healers, media, clergy, non-profits, veterans, and actors from hollywood. The powerful financiers and supporters who give these groups visibility manage their actions from a distance through leaders whom they control.

The goal of these groups for the migrant caravan are to 1) raise money 2) misinform and agitate the caravan 3) put the mexican people and their authorities at odds with the caravan and 4) cause clashes, preferably violent ones with authorities on either side of the border to get media attention and create outrage amongst US and Latino audiences on both sides of the border. It is important to these groups that Americans begin to see Mexican authorities as oppressive and cruel to further their justification that the caravan must leave Mexico for their own security. This will also supposedly allow them to pressure Trump.  

In this report I will give the names of the groups that individuals currently in TIjuana and/or Mexico belong to. Some of these individuals come and go across the border and travel throughout both countries either by plane or car. Some are people who live in California either in San Diego or surrounding areas who focus on crossing donations as well as activists/agitators from the USA to the migrant caravan in Mexico. Still others come from all over the country and even from international locations. We’ll begin with the main group through which they organize all the other groups and where they communicate their projects on Facebook: #AsylumSeekers: Caravan Support Network which was founded by Evan K. Duke III on October 28, 2018. This group has already gained more than 2000 followers (most of whom are were at the protest at Standing Rock and/or anti fascists) and promotes radical extremist views such as abolishing borders, regaining stolen indigenous land and achieving their goals “by any means necessary” including the use of violence.

In fact that phrase comes directly from the group BAMN or By Any Means Necessary. This group was linked to distributing BAMN flyers to the migrant caravan at the old, now condemned temporary shelter at the Benito Juarez sports center on November 30, on the day before Mexico’s new president AMLO took power, for an action to close the border the following day. Their goal was to demand the border crossing be opened and all caravan members to be allowed into the U.S. otherwise BAMN threatened the border would be shut down by protestors. Members of BAMN are active participants in the #AsylumSeekers group where they promote BAMN as well as its actions.         

Evan, a self proclaimed anti fascist, was involved in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline with the group of veterans that arrived in North Dakota in December 2016 as part of the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock. Later on the group members morphed into Veterans Respond and later changed their name to Veterans Service Corps with the leadership changing hands to Sedef Buyakataman and Chris Duesing (Sedef and Chris are still in charge of this veterans group which they claim is used to do rescue and humanitarian work in crisis zones or after natural disasters). The protocol of changing names and leaders is common among these groups who defraud people of their money in order to form said groups and then limit their liability for performance of whatever objective the money and the group were tasked with. They do so by simply changing the leadership and/or name of the group even though the new leaders are frequently just minor leaders who haven’t been outed for crimes or scandals yet. The truth is that wherever these group members go they instigate violence and commit crimes such as those described above.    

Evan K. Duke III founded Abolish ICE and Occupy ICE to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Recently Evan handed over the administration of the group #Asylum Seekers: Caravan Support Network to Myron Dewey and his platform Digital Smoke Signals. Currently both Dewey and Duke are in Tijuana again after a brief visit to the Texas border in the area of Floresville, TX where they were helping start new camps along with members of the Carrizo Comecrudo tribe and their tribal chairman Juan Mancias establishing the Somi Se’k camp [which in Comecrudo basically means ‘Texas camp’] as a base camp for a network of activists led by indigenous leaders that can support migrant caravans and indigenous tribes along the border of the United States. From that base camp they hope to support the forward actions taking place in cities like Laredo, McAllen, El Paso, Brownsville and surrounding areas.

Juan Mancias is working closely with Duke and Dewey to establish the support camps for the actions said to be taking place along the US/Mexico border. Mancias, Dewey and Duke all have the support of millionaire Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk of Mexican heritage who was adopted when she was five days old by a family of american billionaires who among other things own Southland Corporation which operates the 7/11 stores as well as being the 12th largest retailer in the US with more than 7,000 outlets. It also owns 50 percent of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation, the country’s largest independent refiner and marketer.

Thompson-Frenk was a key supporter of the groups associated with the protest at Standing Rock and especially with the veterans groups led by Wesley Clark Jr. whose father General Wesley Clark Sr. ran for president in 2003 and commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War during his term as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000. Thompson-Frenk is a member of the Nexus Executive Committee, a billionaire’s group which does impact investing, among other projects. Thompson-Frenk, perhaps because of her heritage, has focused on helping indigenous people and causes. Unfortunately many of the people she supports and promotes end up causing harm, committing crimes, or covering up crimes of their members: Duke and Dewey among them. In the following article, Thompson-Frenk promotes the documentary Awake: A Dream of Standing Rock which was screened at the Memnosyne Institute of which she and her husband are founders. Juan Mencias is also pictured here with her:

There are a series of shows on our web page under the program title ‘A Mexican Crossing Lines’ where we discuss the caravan and the connections to organizations and leaders from the Standing Rock protest. To find them, simply go to our website and search for Caravan or Caravana and you can find all the programs we’ve done in both English and Spanish.

Myron Dewey acquired fame at Standing Rock for his agitation and drone piloting, which were the topic of great consternation since he used them both to monitor the movements of authorities and pipeline workers as well as protestors. Dewey was arrested and his drone confiscated during the Standing Rock protest. During the protest Dewey and another documentary filmmaker, Josh Fox ((Gasland 1, Gasland 2 and How to let go of the world…) as well as others filmed the clashes that took place – from their biased point of view of course, and while painting the protestors as victims of the cruelty and racism of the local authorities – in order to complete their film called ‘Awake” A Dream from Standing Rock. After Standing Rock, in addition to calling himself a pilot, Dewey declared himself an investigative journalist, filmmaker, historical trauma trainer, and in more recent terms he has begun to advocate and participate in searching for missing and murdered indigenous women (part of a movement for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/Men or MMIW or MMIM)

In fact, Dewey is currently in TIjuana with Vanessa Dundon, aka SiouxZ Dezbah, an indigenous woman who gained a lot of followers on Facebook and many supporters from Standing Rock after she sustained an eye injury which she stated occurred at the hands of authorities on the night of November 20, 2016. Vanessa and many others identified herein like to use nicknames to obfuscate their true identities while claiming that their new names have special meaning as many of them were acquired them while at Standing Rock. Currently, Dundon says she is in Mexico as part of newly formed group called Missing Flowers which searches for missing and murdered women.    

Dewey started traveling to Mexico in November and was ‘reporting’ on the caravan (via livestream on Facebook and with his drone, just as he did at Standing Rock) along with a young man who claims he is an enrolled member of the Sault Ste Marie tribe of Chippewa indians named David Gaskin. During and after Standing Rock, Gaskin was called “ “Emissary for Free Nations to Standing Rock Sioux Nation.” which was promoted on UN TV as well as by the Mother Earth Trust. Currently, Gaskin is making live videos on Facebook where he misinforms members of the caravan and his mostly american audience on social media while helping groups of instigators (self described activists, anti fascists and protectors of the sacred – which can be anything from water, mother earth, or in this case indigenous caravan goers).

Gasking was ‘reporting’ about the caravan in Mexico City with Dewey back in November and handing out/branding the caravan with their merchandise (tee shirts, telephone chargers and stickers) promoting the prophecy of the eagle and the condor with the hashtag #CondorandEagleCaravan. The prophecy purports itself to be the culmination of the meeting of the northern indigenous nations with the southern ones. Leaders from the Asylum Seekers group have told members of the caravan that the fulfillment of the prophecy means that indigenous people will be able to reclaim stolen lands and also promote the idea that no one can be illegal on stolen land.  

One of the groups that has been promoted and had funds raised on their behalf is Errol Medicine. They are comprised of medicine carriers and singers and they planned to take the prophecy and well as their medicine to the caravan. They travel with their medicine and their hand drums. The leader of this group who goes by Errol Medicine on Facebook (probably not his real name) as well as DeWayne RedWater have already returned from their trip to both Mexico and California where they met up with Birdie Gutierrez and took donations and support to the caravan.

Wiyaka Eagleman who is also a member of Errol Medicine remains in Tijuana with other anti fascists whose names are Lilith Sinclair, Cam McCoy, Jessie Sandoval, and Jake Lee. Perhaps more than anyone else in this cadre of anti fascists and anarchists, Lilith Sinclair has devoted herself to making videos and posts on Facebook posting frequently in the #AsylumSeekers group in which they mislead and outright lie to the caravan about the conditions of the new shelter El Barretal saying there is no water or electricity, that Mexican authorities including the Federales are oppressing them and curtailing their human and free speech rights, and that they deny them medical care, among many other well coordinated lies. In my latest radio program we documented well the lies they told to the caravan and you can find that video on here;  It’s worth mentioning that Sinclair traveled with Duke on his first trip to Tijuana in November along with Cam McCoy.

All of them are also meeting up in TIjuana with Duke and Dewey. Eagleman, a member of the Sicangu Lakota tribe from the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota is a self proclaimed activist from Standing Rock and he organized and raised money for the camps at Sacred Stone and Rosebud at Standing Rock and he was also involved in the protests against the pipeline KXL. People like Dewey, Mancias, Dundon, Wiyaka validate the mission of having indigenous led movements like in the case of the caravan where american donors expect to see indigenous faces at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis.   

Sam Slovic is among those who seed misinformation to the caravan and their american audiences. He administers a protest page on Facebook and appears to be heavily connected to media platforms in Los Angeles, specifically to a woman who works in public relations named Seven McDonald. Seven was recruited to do public relations work for the Standing Rock protest by Wesley Clark Jr. on behalf of the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock which Clark was cofounder of. It should be noted at the time Clark was also a correspondent for The Young Turks [TYT] network and friend to its founder Cenk Uygur.  #AsylumSeekers is currently making a call out to veterans both in the US and those deported to Mexico to join the caravan in solidarity and protect them from Mexican authorities and others as they attempt to cross into the USA.

In my show about the migrant caravan infiltrators in Spanish, I show a clip of his livestream where you can hear him lying about the conditions of El Barretal shelter as well as being questioned by Seven McDonald in the comments. McDonald managed and promotes many hollywood actors who attend events like Standing Rock. I expect these actors to make an appearance in Tijuana or on the Mexican border at any moment. My Spanish show with Slovic’s video:

Birdie Gutierrez, founder of the group Bridge of Love Across the Border is an activist crossing donations from the U.S into Tijuana to the Cáritas shelter as well as the old Benito Juárez location. Her facebook page indicates a long history of interest in immigration and she operates primarily in southern California. Since the group’s inception #AsylumSeekers have heavily promoted both Birdie as well as her fundraisers. She has connected with all the key members of the group who are currently in TIjuana as well as promoted them and put them in contact with the others whom she knows and promotes within Mexico such as Pitaya Queen” or OJ Queen (as she is currently calling herself on Facebook) and Roberto Nakay Flotte Jr. Guevara her given name, whom is the leader of the LGBTQ caravan/ Diversidad Sin Fronteras, Mark Lane / Minority Humanitarian Foundation, Nicole Ramos / Al Otro Lado, Caritas, and Enclave Caracol.  

Birdie has a volunteer who is associated with the #AsylumSeekers group who helps her to distribute donations that she and others collect in the USA and cross over the border to the caravan. On a page raising funds for the caravan in which Evan Duke shows up in the comments showing support Birdie instructs people to lie to border patrol about the reason for their entry into Mexico and length of stay in order to evade questioning or investigation by border authorities. What this means is that rather than getting proper visas from customs and border authorities that give them permission to be in the country for their philanthropic endeavors, they are lying and only obtaining a day pass, which many of them are overstaying by days and weeks, making them undocumented in Mexico and in violation of Mexican immigration law. They are also deceiving the authorities by not stating their real purpose for entry and instead saying they are only going shopping or for a day’s excursion. While neither of these are serious infractions, they are still breaking the law. This has been confirmed by their own livestreams in which they admit they have not informed mexican border and customs officials of the true motives for their visit to TIjuana or of their intentions to stay for days or even weeks as many of them have done.

Enclave Caracol appears to be a base of operations for organizers, press conferences for the caravan, a warehouse for donations brought by people like Gutierrez and her volunteers, and an oasis where caravan leaders and goers are protected at all cost. In recent Facebook live videos by Dewey and Duke where they finally begin showing the face of their interpreter Rodrigo Rodrigo (likely not his real name) we see a call out to seek and identify an individual who identified himself a member of the new government’s transition team and was cast out of Enclave called an expletive “motherf#%2r”. Here’s that post:  See Post

In order to keep caravan members at the old and now condemned shelter Benito Juarez, people like Gutierrez and members of #AsylumSeekers are asked to take donations directly to Enclave Caracol instead of the new shelter housing over 2,500 people, El Barretal. Here is a posting in #AsylumSeekers group:  See Post

And in this post of Gutierrez’s you can see her taking donations at night to the old Benito Juarez location, just as she suggests others do: See Post

I dedicated an entire show in both Spanish and English to the leader of the LGBTQ caravan, Pitaya Queen and the facebook group she runs Diversidad Sin Fronteras which she reportedly stole from a queer Mexican who goes by Hockenberry. You can find those shows on so I won’t repeat everything we know about here here, but suffice to say that Pitaya is also connected to the indigenous leaders and other non-indigenous activists that were part of the protest at Standing Rock. Pitaya and her LGBTQ caravan are heavily promoted, fundraised for, and supported by the group #AsylumSeekers, Birdie Gutierrez, Mark Lane, Myron Dewey, and Evan Duke. You can find my Pitaya shows here:  and in Spanish:

Unicorn Riot: This media group made a name for itself for going to many protests against police brutality and other conflicts throughout the united states such as marches, and natural disasters. They were the first news organization to document the protest at Standing Rock and have continued to share/support the propaganda espoused by former Standing Rock leaders and groups associated with them like #AsylumSeekers, mimicking the misinformation spread by group members of #AsylumSeekers as well as furthering the mantra to their american audience that the caravan is being repressed and are under constant threat.

And they aren’t the only ones. Other media platforms, many of which were born out of the protest at Standing Rock like Renegade Media and TYT’s content producer Mark Lane are linked to the lies and propaganda being spread on social media and in the news about the caravan. These so-called media sources had much the same function during Standing Rock. Currently, Renegade Media is in TIjuana spreading the messages from #AsylumSeekers group members on the ground and in social media.

Mark Lane is heavily connected to Birdie Gutierrez and is one of three members of the Minority Humanitarian Foundation (website created on November  27, 2018) whose mission is to “provide a humanitarian response to the issues facing immigrants and refugees on a global scale.” and apparently based out of San Diego. Curiously, this Minority Humanitarian Foundation is very similar to another Minority Humanitarian Foundation started back in 2014 by another guy named Mark Arabo “in order to streamline efforts to establish a safe passage for those needing to leave the country of Iraq.”.Like Gutierrez and the group  #AsylumSeekers Lane supports and has met with the LGBTQ caravan and Pitaya Queen.

Lane has recently appeared repeatedly in many articles on migration, especially the last months. Since he is a content creator for The Young Turks, he provided content to them from the last caravan that came through TIjuana and has previously been interviewed by Cenk Uygur himself in July about a hunger strike by activists in protest of ICE detentions. Lane is currently in Tijuana and like others in the #AsylumSeekers group he poses as a protector of the caravan as well as someone with connections to cross people into the US, help them obtain asylum, as well as access to lawyers, activists and media.


Evan Duke

Lives in Seattle, WA

Self-proclaimed anti-fascist activist, heavily involved with Veterans Stand for Standing Rock and Veterans Respond, as well as Occupy and Abolish ICE movements.

He created the Facebook group #AsylumSeekers: Caravan Support Network on October 28, 2018 via his Occupy ICE account; more recently transferring ownership to Digital Smoke Signals. The #AsylumSeekers group has already grown to over 2,000 members, who largely come from Standing Rock and anti-fascist groups, and promotes extremist views, such as eliminating borders and indigenous people taking back land stolen from them “by any means necessary,” including violence. This group is also used to fundraise.

He has visited Tijuana twice to “report” on the caravan, and is currently there with Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals and several others.

Duke and Dewey are also taking the lead to establish a “network of indigenous led activist villages supporting asylum seekers and indigenous communities along the U.S./Mexico border.” What they are calling the “Somi Se’k Village- Base Camp” is currently being set up in Floresville, Texas to support action in the region, including Laredo, MacAllen, El Paso, and Brownsville, Texas.

Phone number:


Myron Dewey

Lives in Schurz, Nevada

Describes himself as an Indigenous investigative journalist, film maker, drone pilot, youth media trainer, and historical trauma trainer. Gained large following as a frequent Facebook Live streamer and capturer of drone video at Standing Rock, which enabled him to raise significant funds from donations to build Digital Smoke Signals, his organization “Indigenizing Technology: Walking the footsteps of our Ancestors as we educate the world through e-Learning, social networking & Film-making.”

Dewey went to Mexico City when the caravan arrived in early November, and is now in Tijuana with Evan Duke and others.


People in Tijuana with ties to Standing Rock protestors

David Gaskin

Lives in Cancun, Quintana Roo MX

From Michigan and claims to be an enrolled member of Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. He was at Standing Rock and has even been called an appointed “Emissary for Free Nations to Standing Rock Sioux Nation promoted by UN TV and the Mother Earth Trust”

Gaskin was with Myron Dewey in Mexico City. After Dewey left Mexico City, Gaskin continued to livestream from Digital Smoke Signals’ Facebook account and is currently in Tijuana.




Wiyaka Eagleman

Lives in Blackpipe, Rosebud Reservation, SD

Sicangu Lakota Native American from Blackpipe, SD. Self-proclaimed activist that organized and fundraised for Sacred Stone and Rosebud camps at Standing Rock and was also involved in KXL pipeline protests.

Eagleman arrived in Tijuana in November after reuniting with Birdie Gutierrez in California with members of Errol Medicine. Now he is in TIjuana with Duke and Dewey along with other members of the #AsylumSeekers group which are meeting with the caravan.





Vanessa Dundon, aka SiouxZ Dezbah

Lives in Whitecone, Arizona

Dundon gained a large following and much support (including economic) after she suffered a serious injury to her eye which she claimed occurred from rubber bullets shot by police at the Standing Rock protest which occurred on the night of November 20, 2016 during which authorities used tear gas, water cannons in below freezing temperatures and other less than lethal methods of crowd control.

Dundon is currently in Tijuana under the pretext that she is searching for missing and murdered women, part of her new job for her newly formed group ‘Missing Flowers’.


Pitaya Queen, aka OJ Pitaya, Nakay Flotte, nombre de nacimiento Roberto Nakay Flotte Jr.

Pitaya Queen” or OJ Queen (as she is currently calling herself on Facebook) and Roberto Nakay Flotte Jr. Guevara her given name, whom is the leader of the LGBTQ caravan/ Diversidad Sin Fronteras.

Pitaya is also connected to the indigenous leaders and other non-indigenous activists that were part of the protest at Standing Rock. Pitaya and her LGBTQ caravan are heavily promoted, fundraised for, and supported by the group #AsylumSeekers, Birdie Gutierrez, Myron Dewey, and Evan Duke.


Mi programa sobre Pitaya Queen:

Anti-fascist affiliates in Tijuana

Lilith Sinclair

From Portland, Oregon

Self-proclaimed “Sex worker. Activist. Bleeding heart. World citizen.
Actual trash living in a global dumpster fire.” Sinclair’s Facebook shows interest and involvement in anarchist, anti-fascist, and extreme leftist groups, such as Occupy ICE.

She traveled with Evan Duke on his first trip to Tijuana in late November, along with Cam McCoy. She claims to have moved to Tijuana to support migrants and has since created Activism Actually, “a multimedia platform dedicated to supporting grassroots activist organizing, providing accessible on the ground documenting of protests, and encouraging the community discussion of racism, decolonization, and intersectionality.” Sinclair works with and promotes the people involved with #AsylumSeekers and their messaging almost exclusively.


Cam McCoy

From Salem, Oregon

McCoy’s Facebook shows interest and involvement in anarchist, anti-fascist, and extreme leftist groups, such as Occupy ICE.

Traveled with Evan Duke on his first trip to Tijuana in late November, along with Lilith Sinclair. It’s unclear if he is still in Tijuana.



Jake Lee

Lives in Southern California

Lee’s Facebook shows interest and involvement in anarchist, anti-fascist, and extreme leftist groups, as well as indigenous and environmental issues and movements, including Standing Rock, Stop Line 3, and No KXL.






Jessie Sandoval

Lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sandoval traveled to Mexico city at the beginning of November and then followed the caravan to Tijuana. #AsylumSeekers group has promoted her and helped raise money for her since her arrival in Mexico. She became a member of the group on November 10th and she has been collaborating extensively with group members in Tijuana, including Wiyaka Eagleman, David Gaskin, Lilith Sinclair and Jake Lee.




Other affiliates


Birdie Gutierrez

Responsible for Bridge of Love Across the Border, “made up of Grass Roots H.R. Activists who have been sending donations across the border to Caritas Shelter & refugees.” Gutierrez’s Facebook shows a long-time interest in immigration issues, and she primarily operates in Tijuana and southern California.

Gutierrez and her fundraiser have been largely promoted by #AsylumSeekers since its inception. She has connected with all key members of the group in Tijuana, promotes them, and puts them in touch with others in her network that she promotes, including “Pitaya Queen”/Diversidad Sin Fronteras, Mark Lane/Minority Humanitarian Foundation, Nicole Ramos/Al Otro Lado, Caritas, and Enclave Caracol.





Vivian Farmery

Lives in Brooklyn, New York

From the beginning Vivian has been a defender and supporter of #AsylumSeekers Caravan Support Network. She traveled to Tijuana with Wiyaka Eagleman, Errol Medicine and DuWayne Redwater, where she continues to collaborate extensively with Birdie Gutierrez and #AsylumSeekers to raise funds as well as take donations to México.




Mark Lane

Mark Lane is closely connected to Birdie Gutierrez, and is one of three members of Minority Humanitarian Foundation (site created November 27, 2018) whose mission is to “provide a humanitarian response to the issues facing immigrants and refugees on a global scale.” It appears to be based in San Diego, and very similar to the Minority Humanitarian Foundation founded in 2014 by Mark Arabo “in order to streamline efforts to establish a safe passage for those needing to leave the country of Iraq.”

Lane has repeatedly appeared in news reports on immigration in the last several months. He provided content for The Young Turks on the latest caravan in Tijuana, and has previously been interviewed by Cenk Uygur, including in July to discuss activists hunger striking over ICE detentions.



Interview with Cenk Uygur of TYT | Activists Hunger Strike Over ICE Detentions

Comunidades globales con acciones locales | Mark Lane | TEDxTijuana


“Rodrigo Rodrigo”

Little is known about him. In a post on November 20 he said that “Anti immigrant protesters in Tijuana harass and threaten to physically assault me,” captioning a video by Sam Slovick. He has since posted content from #AsylumSeekers members and associates almost exclusively.

He became a member of their Facebook page on November 25, and has recently appeared in videos by Digital Smoke Signals and Evan Duke in Tijuana, providing English and Spanish translation.



Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
Lives in Dallas, Texas

Thompson-Frenk was born in Mexico and adopted at five days old by John P. Thompson, the eldest son of the founder of 7-Eleven who took the reigns after his father died and grew it from a Texas chain into a giant global corporation. She is co-founder and president of The Memnosyne Institute and The John Philip Thompson Foundation. Additionally, she is an Executive Committee Member of NEXUS, and former chair of the NEXUS Indigenous Issues Working Group.

She has long supported bad actors from Standing Rock and is showing increasing interest in the migrant caravan and immigration.


Examples of Thompson-Frenk posts relating to the caravan: (Rebel HQ is part of The Young Turks)


Unicorn Riot
Unicorn Riot is a “volunteer-operated decentralized nonprofit media collective” that got started online in 2015, founded by Lorenzo Serna and others. They produce livestreams of rallies and protests, and are funded by viewer donations. Their coverage has included Occupy, Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and Unite the Right. They were some of the first media on the ground at Standing Rock, where four Unicorn Riot members were arrested. They produced a documentary film about Standing Rock called “Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story,” released in November 2017.

They arrived in Tijuana on November 15 and continue to livestream from the border.


Renegade Media
Self-described “independent journalists and filmmakers forming a news collective dedicated to reporting the stories establishment media ignores or unfairly depicts.” Their platform was established at Standing Rock, like others that now serve as echo chambers for Standing Rock propaganda.

They are currently in Tijuana ‘reporting’ on the abuses and repression of the migrant caravan by US and Mexican authorities.



Sam Slovick

Slovick directed a documentary called Radicalized, about “American radical resistance told through the lens of an anarchist collective in Los Angeles,” released in 2015. His Facebook shows he is a long-time supporter of Standing Rock and its key figures, and that he was also involved with Occupy.

He arrived in Mexico City on November 12 and traveled with the caravan to Tijuana. He regularly posts Facebook Live videos from Tijuana which are shared by #AsylumSeekers members. Seven McDonald, PR for Wesley Clark Jr., co-founder of Veterans Stand For Standing Rock, has frequently commented livestreams.


In my show on caravan infiltrators in Spanish you can see the video in which her lies about conditions at El Barretal and is questioned by Seven McDonald as well as more information about her ties to hollywood stars:

The Young Turks (TYT)
Youtube infotainment channel with over 4 million subscribers, founded by Cenk Uygur, fundraises for Justice Democrats, whom Cenk also co-founded.  

Enclave Caracol
En su página de dicen ser “Centro social con libros, fanzines, comida vegetariana, bebidas, talleres, y eventos. Sirven una cena gratis de lunes a jueves. Punto de reunión para grupos de apoyo a migrantes. Voluntarixs bienvenidxs.

Social center with books, zines, vegetarian food, drinks, bikes, workshops, events. Serving free meals to migrants and deportees monday-thursday. Reunion point for a variety of migrant support groups and DIY projects. Volunteers welcome.

Lunes a Sábado, 10:00am – 9:00pm – Cafetería, Fanzinoteca, Biblioteca, Talleres y Comida Vegana
Lunes a Jueves, 1:00pm – 6:00pm – Comida No Bombas (Food Not Bombs, comida gratuita)


By Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp

Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp is the Co-founder of The People’s Press Project, a media justice non-profit. She is also the host of A Mexican Crossing Lines. She’s an author, writer, and implements new media/social media outreach and web optimization, translating and cultural consulting services. Questions and comments:


Twitter: @Media_PPP
Tumblr: A Mexican Crossing Lines
Instagram: @goschempp
Facebook: The People’s Press Project, 88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead, Mexi-CAN

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Video – A Mexican Crossing Lines -December 11, 2018 – “Standing Rock Caravan Infiltrators”

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  1. David Gaskin WAS at Standing Rock indeed But he apparently didn’t inform you that he was Kicked OUT of Standing Rock and had his staff taken from him because of the SHAME he has brought on Indian Nation. All refer to him as a sham and a “Paper Indian” and it’s suggested that you reconsider involving him in anything that is to gain respect and merit, including this article where you mislead the people into thinking he is a person of integrity. Also you should talk to his Father if you get the chance, and or his sister so they can further enlighten you to his kaniving ways, lies and manipulation and Misrepresentation of ALL of Indian Country. He is DEFINITELY NOT someone Anyone should be trusting!

    BTW so ya know, Mr. Gaskin was and remains in Tijuana due to active Warrants in both Michigan and in the state of California and had literally arrived there via a Stolen Car! Prior to Standing Rock, he was involved in the selling of fake and completely Illegal Native American Church blessings for tens of thousands of dollars a pop Plus monthly “tithings” of both money and medicines. He did so as ONAC with that scam artist attorney Matt Pappas who continues to still sell illegal church blessings to date, despite the Dozens of people who’ve ended up arrested because of them. Ya might wanna research that so to better educate your readers opposed to sending the illusion he or those among/like him are stand up people.



  1. #NoDAPL Protester Allegedly Planned ‘Armed Rebellion’ At US-Mexico Border - […] recently handed over control of his #Asylum Seekers: Caravan Support Network to Myron Dewey, a former Standing Rock protester…

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