A Mexican Crossing Lines – Morton County Monsters

morton-monstors-1A Mexican Crossing Lines – Nov 23, 2016 “#MortonCountyMonsters”

::  Morton County Monsters
:: Digital Smoke Signals Interview with Vanessa Bolin, ALS Paramedic
:: Sophia Walinksy’s father press conference and interview
:: Witness accounts of grenade attack on Walinsky’s arm
:: Cass Co. Sheriff Laney and Mandan Chief of Police Jason Ziegler harass water protectors in Bismarck restaurant

:: Silence and complicity of ND leaders, Obama, USACE
:: Interview with young water protectors Shelby, Sebastian and Rahil

Listen To The Archived Show Here:

Hour 1

Hour 2

Link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/afOh_1AUj3U

Witness Accounts of grenade attack on NY woman which blew off part of her arm. http://bit.ly/2g5eufs

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