A Mexican Crossing Lines – On Top of the World

A Mexican Crossing Lines – November 21, 2017 “On Top of the World”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Morton County Dismisses charges against Kathleen Bennett Case

:: Jordan Chariton accusations of sexual abuse

Zee Cohen Full texts (from Messenger)
Vox Lawyers message to Tim Black
:: Myron Dewey

Clip of Dewey saying restraining order against anyone who says MD or Digital Smoke Signals
Kristi Smith
:: Meko Haze and Ed Higgins “Elephant in the Room”

Missy Waddell
:: Michael A. Wood Jr.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Deception

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Oct 6, 2017 “Deception”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Recap of our trip to Vegas to return Kathleen Bennett with her mother and family
:: Michael Trujillo Threat call and questions about how did a convicted and violent felon get guardianship of Mary
:: Recent Guardianship hearing where Michael Trujillo gained guardianship of Mary Trujillo and neither Kathleen or Russell showed up to the hearing (No Show)
:: Michael, Beth, Jasmine, colluding with Prosecution
:: Kathleen and Russell phone call