A Mexican Crossing Lines – Partners in Crime

A Mexican Crossing Lines – April 27, 2017 “Partners in Crime”

Tonight’s show reveals more accomplices related to the incarceration of Kathleen Bennett for false charges of elder abuse at the #NoDAPL Water Protector camps.



This show focuses on members of the Medic Team that falsified information and made false statements against Kathleen in mid December of 2016.

Partners in Crime
:: Mowgli AKA Eric S. Johnson
:: Tiffinay Rayes AKA Panther Eyes
:: Rowina Wilson Shinning Star
:: Menape
:: Christina Hollenback

False Charges continue to imprison a Water Protector

An 82 Year Old Lakota Elder is Kidnapped by St. Alexus Hospital in Bismarck ND, while her Daughter is imprisoned in Morton County by False charges of Elder Abuse. Kathleen Bennett is in Jail in Morton County North Dakota and faces 15 years in prison.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this story. I listened up to the part when you say that you own the show, I am more interested in those 3 individuals who had some testimonies. Doesn’t EACH testimony need to have 2 other corroborating testimonies stating the exact incident? Like Verbatim, to be accepted as Factual? So for each individual incident 3 affidavits must exist to count as a Factual incident, otherwise, it didn’t happen. I graduated in 98 and only from a community college but I think that’s how it goes, at least here in California. AA in Administration of Justice…… I will pray for Bennett. 15 years is excessive and if she has already done 4 months she should be released now, in my Opinion, she has paid enough for an alleged crime. Is this her first offense? if so, this is even worse punishment. I pray Yeshua’s Mercy Over Bennetts situation. Amen.


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