Mexican Crossing Lines – False Mesiah

Mexican Crossing Lines – March 30, 2017 “False Mesiah”

Host Cindy Gomez-Schempp explores the credibility of witnesses that are involved in the arrest of Kathleen Bennett.  Bennett is a Water Protector that has been falsely accused  of Elder abuse and has been in the Morton County Jail since early January.

In this episode original witness statements are explored and questioned for their authenticity and factualness.  Mesiah Sweetgrass’s statements to the police are exposed and discussed thoroughly in this program.



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  1. I don’t know what is up with you. You are slamming everyone who dared to report this matter. They can’t be all lying. As a nurse there is NO STATE that would find it okay to take a Elder in that condition to a rough camp during severe weather. At the very least it is neglect. Why are you so willing to trash all those people? I don’t know what to believe but I sure am not believing all you are saying.

  2. The whole time during Standing Rock i had people all the time (trolls, i thought) telling me that there were paid activists who was at Standing Rock and all the other pipeline protests. I didnt even know there is such a thing
    . Who would pay for them to go and protest?


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