Finding Me – July 2018 – Healing Harmony Part 2

Kurt Cobain with quote on his stance on hate and bigotry.

:: Last month we talked about….janelle monae’s music video, if you were in the area you were able to listen to my commentary with the music, if you were here on facebook live, then the music was muted along with some of my commentary cut off, and if you were listening to my podcast, you heard my commentary in its entirety but without the music so I could comply with copyrights. You can listen to my commentary notes while watching the music video here.

:: We are going to start out with an interview and finish off with some healing harmonies – LGBT musicians that I like that I’ve felt some healing growing up queer or didn’t realize I was queer until I experienced a lot of their music by association.

:: Brad Kilmer Interview (Shout out to you for your birthday in August!)

:: Last year or so I covered some LGBT artists that I liked listening to so this year I’m going to cover the musicians that mean a lot to people but were not LGBT but allies or have otherwise explored their sexuality and gender expression which I think is just as important in the journey of finding yourself.

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Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” is a queer ode to Martha P. Johnson.


Brenden Urie of Panic! At The Disco: Girls/Girls/Boys

Smash Mouth:


My Chemical Romance – Gerard Way

Kurt Cobain

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