A Mexican Crossing Lines – The Final Countdown

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Oct 15, 2017 “The Final Countdown”

A Mexican Crossing Lines concludes coverage of the Kathleen Bennett case.

Recap of our realizations since Kathleen Bennett was taken back home to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Lessons Learned

Moving forward from this chapter in our programming

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  1. Cindy and Duke,
    I’m sorry these people have not appreciated the massive amount of help you guy have provided/tried to provide them.
    I walked away from these crazy folks months ago while listening to your coverage.
    You 2 are amazing investigators and all I can think about are the number of people who would be so thankful to have your help.
    take care you 2 and stay safe, deb

    • Thank you for your supportive comments. We are now moving on with new stories and we hope you will continue to watch our shows. Thank you!


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