A Mexican Crossing Lines – More “Bad Medicine” Continued

A Mexican Crossing Lines – 5-9-17 More “Bad Medicine” Continued

Tonight’s show exposes even more accomplices that have made false statements that led to the incarceration of Kathleen Bennett for false charges of elder abuse at the #NoDAPL Water Protector camps. Kathleen Bennett is facing 15 years and is in jail in Morton County, ND.

This show continues the focus on members of the Medic Team that falsified information and made against Kathleen in mid December of 2016.

:: Joshua Pepper- medic
:: Sarah Matuzak – medic
:: Vanessa Bolin AKA Vanessa Redbull – paramedic

A Special Interview with Lissa YellowBird Chase



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  1. This Narcissistic, Sociopathic Liar, melaine lecki, mcgowin aka Williams aka Antonio aka scott aka long and now stoneman…who has manipulated people all her life…after skipping from relationship to relationship…all within only three to five months apart…and accusing each former relationship…only to justify her sadistic acts…for prospecting each relationship…looking for personal selfish gain…in one relationship she was accused of causing the sickness and ultimately his death…because melaine was married to him…she had him cremated right-away…then took over his house, money, and other personal belongings that this person…who’s son from former relationship had rights to…melaine never let this son know what she did with his father’s ashes…the other relationships have had almost identical…if not the same claims of abuse by this sociopath…who claimed to have been slowly poisoned by some of her former boyfriends…all a bunch of lies and have been unproven to this day…realistically it had been rumored that melaine had poisoned her two former deceased relationships…that is why she had one of them cremated…this pathological liar is a good actor…has a lot of dirt and trash in her past…knows how to use the crying act to manipulate sympathy, and support from unsuspecting by-standers…who would not know any better…this same abusive treatment of an elder has been perpetuated against her grandmother in pierre,s.d…she would take this elder’s medication all the time…do a little research in pierre, s.d…belcourt, n.d…spirit lake, n.d…ft. thompson, s.d…these places and police depts…will uncover the many plots this sadistic melaine has left in her destructive wake of twisted lies and deception…”malayme” uses this line when she propositions men to her lair…all the men who have been victimized by her…know this name all too well…while she continues to drive a brand new truck…and two new cars…conveniently in the name of chet stoneman…she continues to plot how to distribute her sick and pathetic stolen monies from a defenseless elder…in time she will be held accountable…for every action…there is an adverse reaction…soon she will have to reap what she and others have sown…


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