A Mexican Crossing Lines – Veterans Stand Respond & Beyond Part 3

A Mexican Crossing Lines – July 7, 2017 “Veterans Stand Respond & Beyond” Part 3

Part 3 of the 3 part Series.




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  1. Im gonna have to come back later on today to finish up with all this info. Just wanted to ask you if you saw the “LIVE” video with Myron Dewey uh, “interviewing”(i think is what he called it, lol) with the guy, brain so tired right now, cant think of first name, but the Thompson dude? The one who came barrelling into camp with an ar rifle? And then later he and his g.friend were caught with drugs? Is it Kyle Thompson? Anyway, dont know whats up but im very suspicious and if you havent seen it, i think you can find it on Standing ROck page and its on my page. But Myron is calling him a “whistleblower” but i didnt hear anything and he looked scared too death. Just thought it was kinda strange. Myron came on live tonite, well, last nite, Tuesday and it didnt last maybe a minute. Just thought it was strange and wanted you to see and your input. Sure you know by now, Myron’s case was dismissed. He didnt even have to go to court. Anyway, may be nothing, but just ver weird seeming to me. Do u know if that guy’s charges for drugs were dismissed? Im thinking i saw that’s what was
    “said” . Why would he do something like that? He worked not for Tiger Swan but the MLS, MLC, security company. Oh, well, tired and probably not making a lot of sense now. Its very late. Thanks to you and your hubby for all that you do.


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