A Mexican Crossing Lines – Freedom

A Mexican Crossing Lines – June 21, 2017 “Freedom”

A Mexican Crossing Lines announces that Kathleen Bennett has been released from jail.  She is safe and awaiting to be rejoined with her family in Nevada.  Listen to this show to hear the update on this case with special guest Russell Vasquez, son of Kathleen Bennett.






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You can help bring justice for Kathleen and reunite her and Mary with their family by giving a donation to be used for legal expenses:
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  1. Bless you. Slam dunk investigating Cindy, I only recently discovered your site so I’m still catching up. You and Duke are great! And how wonderful that Kathleen raised such a strong determined son. Love to you Kathleen, many people are behind you.

    I’m out right now, don’t have my card with me but will donate what little I can when I’m able.


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