Update Video on Kathleen Bennett and Mary Trujillo

Russell Family photos
Jasmine (R’s GF), Mary, Kathleen, Russell

Update Video on Kathleen Bennett and Mary Trujillo

With all of the big stories to report on people like Kathleen Bennett and Mary Trujillo often slip through the cracks, but we still have the opportunity to stop the injustices inflicted upon them.



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There’s a lot more to the story, which you can learn about by visiting kpppfm.com/…/a-mexican-crossing-lines-special-in-depth-rep…/, and kpppfm.com/podcasts/.

If you want to report on this or can provide legal services please contact KPPP-LP 88.1 Radio for more information.

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  1. This is the most screwed up story i’ve heard in all my years as a mental health worker. Abuse victims do not go to a casino/motel with an ambulance crew and be left there after a report of elder abuse…not even in the Dakota’s…not even in a blizzard.

    With all the interviews you have done and shared any RESPONSIBLE community newspaper, police force, sherriffs department and/or attorney in this town should step up and bring this situation to light with your help and get this resolved…IMMEDIATELY. No court or judge needed the charges need to be dropped. If a basic investigation by law enforcement or DHS or Elder Affairs had been done at the TIME… with a simple interview of the EMS/EMT’s/AMBULANCE STAFF this whole matter could have been cleared up.

    There does not, in my opinion, seem to be concrete validation as to the reported condition of the elder for an abuse report to be “Founded”.

    Thank You Cindy and Duke for all you have done to bring this story to lite.


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