Update on Sacred Stone Camp – September 4, 2016

attack_dog_shaidi-800x430Update on Sacred Stone Camp – September 4, 2016

Listen to  another Update from #StandingRock in the aftermath of the attack on water protectors.

We will focus on:
:: The media bias
:: Hear from the frontline
:: Listen to prayers and songs for the Sacred Stone camp
:: Find out what the rest of the media has not told you about DAPL


Listen to the Archived Show Here:


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  1. I remember the horror of seeing dogs used against peaceful protesters in the civil rights protests of the southern US. Those pushing their power know how strong those images were to overcome the bullies back in the 1950s-60s. Small surprise there has been an organized process at least since the 1960’s to strip the media of being able to report news. Entertainment is prized above educating because of profit.
    People may be waking up to the importance of clean water to life itself. The tribes are taking on the role of sounding the alarm to everyone through their brave actions. We must support them, we must pay attention to the warnings about the water on behalf of our own lives.


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