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The Immigrant Heart ShowThe Immigrant Heart Show 

Host:  Hukun Abdullahi

Saturdays from 2:00 to 3:00

New American, Immigrant and People of Color Talk, News and International Music.


:: Current state of Islamophobia in our community

:: How welcoming is Fargo-Moorhead?

:: Experiences with Islamophobia

:: Perspectives and responses from Muslims and non-Muslims

Guests:  Fauzia Haider – Board of Centre of Interfaith Project, Cani Abdullahi Aden and Shinelle Prudhomme- Executive Assistant of AADA

Listen to the Archived radio show-Current state of Islamophobia in our community


Links: America’s Embrace of Islamophobia New, Not Surprising

Current Islamic Phobia

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  1. it was great Thank you for your donating your time and your support!

    The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for The Solution Radio Show to be on-air and to broadcast our ideas to words different things
    Our goal is to be on-air to express what can we do for immigrants in many communities throughout the United States. Your donation time and everything else helps to make that possible. thank you kppp lp fm in fargo moorhead


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