A Mexican Crossing Lines – Melanie Exposed

Melanie Stoneman

A Mexican Crossing Lines – March 12, 2017  “Melanie Exposed ”
One of the greatest injustices still occurring at Standing Rock  

This show provides  proof of Melaine Stoneman’s  theft, lies and deceit.  Listen to Live interviews with Mary’s son, Michael Trujillo, his wife Beth, and Russell Vazquez (Kathleen Bennett’s son, Mary’s grandson, and nephew of Kathleen’s brothers) whom await to be reunited.  Listen to the story and watch the FaceBook live stream and watch the video of Mary Trujillo shown doing well with her visiting family, on the same day Melainie Stoneman tells told Cindy Gomez-Schempp that Mary was near death.  Melainie Stoneman has court awarded guardianship of Mary Trujillo, and is poised to benefit from Mary’s finances and Life Insurance Policy.  Also revealed in this show is documentation that Melanie Stoneman stole $1,292.17 from Mary Trujillo’s bank account and then framed Kathleen Bennett as stealing the money, which has resulted in further charges by the police.

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FaceBook Live Video of this Show Before Broadcasting (Note, FB Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air):

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  1. Your commentary seems to me to be balanced and level-headed. Keep it up! Unfortunately, I can not catch your live broadcasts due to the time zone differential. Beir bua agus beannacht.


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