A Mexican Crossing Lines – Know Your Leaders


A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 5, 2017 “Know Your Leaders”


:: Letter to SRST by Ladonna Brave Bull Allard

:: Interview with Meko Haze of Daily Haze

:: Gov. Doug Burgum trashes tribe



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Gov. Burgum speaks ill of #NoDAPL camp


Letter to SRST by Ladonna Brave Bull Allard


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  1. Concerns….I haven’t seen a thing from you in days? Are you ok- or taking a break! I generally catch the live feeds but haven’t seen Cindy on FB.
    With all the chaos and craziness that’s going around. I just want to reach out. This would be my first time doing something this .

    Native American here in San Diego. Standing Rock Supporter!
    And a few days back -watching the news here in San Diego there On my TV- press conference at the beach to STOP offshore drilling for OIL
    This lady was petitioning the Obama president to ban this sort of thing. That we need to protect our waters. Right then and there I knew she had been watching what’s going on at SR and also believes that WATER IS LIFE
    Thanks for helping spread the word on Facebook. It’s reaching wide and far with your help. I know I appreciate it


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