A Mexican Crossing Lines – Interview with Loreal Black Shawl

Loreal Black Shawl

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Interview with  Loreal Black Shawl

Here is the Back Story of this Ongoing Report

Loreal Black Shawl, and other who we have connected with her group have emerged as instigators who we have evidence are falsely representing themselves, bringing in contraband and committing crimes, and then framing or implicating SRST camp goers. These people seem programmed to initiate events in the camp to create (and some have invited) a raid by Morton County of the camp. And their narrative seems in unison to those of Melanie Stoneman, and Mr. Running Fischer. If you listen to their interviews, and my show in which we dissect the story, the interviews, and the evidence we collected as well as the analysis and counterpoints from the witnesses in this case – you will find that this story is one of fraud, deceit, and treachery; which is still unfolding as we speak. Ms. Stoneman advised me in her interview that “they” were making a big announcement soon which I surmise will include their false narrative. Hopefully, this story and the information contained in it will reach the people before these actors can malign the people of Standing Rock, and kill the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In Depth Report Here

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Here are the Broadcast Links:

Interview with Loreal Black Shawl Part 1

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Interview with Loreal Black Shawl Part 2

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Interview with Loreal Black Shawl Part 3

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Interview with  Loreal Black Shawl Part 4

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Interview with  Loreal Black Shawl Part 5

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Bismarck Tribune Article

Kathleen Bennett, of Las Vegas, is charged in Morton County with endangering a vulnerable adult, a felony, from Oct. 1 to Dec. 17.

Bill Running Fisher

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