A Mexican Crossing Lines – Eminent Domain at Ground Zero

ground-zeroA Mexican Crossing Lines: North Dakota Standing Rock Sioux declare eminent domain on Ground Zero

:: Interview with Atsa E’sha Hoferer, water defender
:: Interview with John Wathen, former air traffic controller environmental activist, freelance journalist
:: Kevin Gilbertt a water protector shutting down DAPl pipeline in Iowa


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Helicopter Allegedly Hired by North Dakota Authorities Found Flying in Violation of FAA Rules




  1. Thanks for the support on standing rock by covering it

  2. Great interview with Atsa E’sha Hoferer, water defender at ground zero. How can a pipeline be for public usage?? The pipeline is not a utility company!! “Eminent domain is an exercise of the power of government or quasi-government agencies (such as airport authorities, highway commissions, community development agencies, and utility companies) to take private property for public use.” Prayers with all the men and women in Standing Rock. We all depend on water, it is life on mother earth, so many other countries can not use their water no more due issues like this incident taking place now in Standing Rock. It is so wrong for the Morton Sheriff Department to go in there with guns and batons. Listening and watching the videos a young lady arm was broken. This is wrong!!!!!

  3. Cindy great interviews and great sharing of such important information.

    Thank you!!!!!!


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