Week of January 9, 2019

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book Cover:: Continuing the Queer analysis of the children’s book, Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book, written by Terry Jones and illustrated by Brian Froud.

:: As Angelica Cottington grows up, she goes through the motions of going into the world as a woman — this opens up many issues in her future.

:: The fairies become far more interactive with Angelica, which opens up avenues of communication between her as a human and them as fairies. This creates interesting predicaments.

:: For future reference, please be aware that during the period of time where this character Angelica Cottington visits Italy, there are a entries for May 15th-18th, 1907 that can be interpreted as sexual assault and my be triggering to listeners. September 3rd, 1907 is when the character returns home. For this reason, the October 13th, 1907 entry may also be possibly triggering during Lady Cottington’s visit to the Bishop and his strange behaviors.

Today’s headcanon: I think Angelica Cottington is on the Aromantic/Asexual spectrum.

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