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:: You thought I was done ranting…think again. Look forward to my work and reporting on the #FREEVLDS8 Media Campaign

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:: Queer Characters like Shiro got done dirty — why is this LGBTQ wedding regressive rather than progressive?

:: WOC characters like Allura got done dirty — staff and animators at DreamWorks and Mir imply that Allura wasn’t supposed to have the permanent end that she did and there was supposed to be a message of hope

:: Mixed Race Characters like Keith got done dirty — all his character development and growth with his mother went backwards inexplicably and became distant from her, and his teammates, and even more strangely, more distant from his queer best friend who he used to ride and die for.

::  Dark and fat characters like Hunk got done dirty — he was reduced to his food character archetype when Seasons prior showed he was going on a path of not just food but of bravery, cultural learning and diplomacy.

:: Common relatable characters like Lance surprisingly got done dirty — he was becoming a humble person on the team supportive of his friends, his former competition, and his friend who he fell in love with…he ended up becoming a tool for man-pain trope and we now have way too many questions than we have answers for this series.

:: Honestly why does the epilogue exist if you’re not gonna put Pidge, the character made a girl instead of a boy compared to previous incarnations, the focus of her end card?

:: Coran, Coran…not the family man? Man what the fu- he didn’t even get to say goodbye to Allura who he knew all of her life and was close to her father as an adviser and became a guardian when he passed?

:: Get into Voltron now if you can, watch seasons 1-7 which were pretty decent in storytelling quality, voice acting direction and animation and compare it to Season 8. If you think the final season is fine, ignore me then and go on your merry way. But if the negatives outweigh the positives for you, then fans young and old, early in the fandom of this particular incarnation and new…we all want to know what could have been, what Studio Mir saw, what the staff here in the US thought was so exciting before they all went silent and said their goodbyes with not much else to say, let alone mention the wedding.

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How the End of ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Exemplifies the Quarantining of Queerness in Animation by Sean Z | GeekDad


A By-The-Numbers Look at the Disaster That was ‘Voltron’ Season 8 by Taylor | The Geekiary


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