Finding Me – August 2018 – Representation

Brendon Urie in heels for Kinky Boots! a Broadway musical. Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

:: Last month – We interviewed Brad Kilmer on his thoughts on music, musicians working to be allies, and an update – Brendon Urie comes out as Pansexual, meanwhile Scarlett Johansson was stealing trans roles, not just Asian roles.

:: I wanted to connect the need for representation to children’s targeted media, specifically animation which is something I have a niche interest in, especially if the show reaches a wider audience beyond it’s target.

:: Steven Universe, episode titled “Reunion” features a wedding between nonbinary lesbians who form one of the main characters, Garnet.

:: Voltron: Legendary Defender, announces and shows that a major main character, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane is gay in their season 7 premiere, using a break up scene to imply his past relationship and reveal his past chronic illness.


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Bex Taylor-Klaus, nonbinary actor who voices Katie “Pidge” Holt:

Josh Hamilton (writer) and Rhys Darby, actor for Coran:

Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, the Executive Producers:

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