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Support the development and sucess of Fargo-Moorhead’s newest non-commercial, non-profit, community based Low Power FM Radio station!  To Donate to this historic Community effort,  click here!

Within the past year, PPP took the opportunity to apply for a non-commercial Low Power FM license from the FCC.  This year marks the first time in 13 years where the FCC opened a national application process to grant 1000 licenses to community owned, noncommercial groups who desired to build and operate a community based radio station. Throughout 2013, we held community meetings and planning sessions in Fargo-Moorhead to get the community involved in the station’s development.  In early 2014 the FCC awarded 1000 LPFM licenses nationwide. PPP received one of those licenses.  PPP is now combining all of the organization’s programming and effort to develop, fund and build Fargo-Moorhead’s newest community owned, non-commercial Low Power FM radio station.  The station has a call sign, KPPP-LP FM, 88.1 on the dial.  It is our intent that the station begins broadcasting by the end of the year.
The low power radio station will be located in Fargo and has an anticipated reach of 2-5 miles. This coverage has the potential to reach over 160,000 people in the FM community.  Our focus will be on immigrant communities, communities of color, low income people and students.  Any and all community involvement will involve free training in broadcasting, radio show programming, computer skills and internet training. Business management will also be an area where station constituents will learn marketing, fundraising and aspects of business management and the radio and media industry.
The educational program and individual skill development by PPP will be utilized through the radio station to create equity in communication/media/information for all members of the community to equally share in the communities development.  PPP’s training programs will be enhanced and furthered through the operation of the radio station.


The development and use of radio production and programming will result in the immediate impact of an engaged community and the benefits of communication rights and multi-media access/skills to traditionally disenfranchised communities (immigrants, new Americans, communities of color, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, youth, blue collar and working poor, rural communities, single parent households, homeless, elderly, etc.), as well as students, nonprofits, small businesses, artists, and new journalists.  Having a radio station combined with the training program will have a beneficial impact on the community by putting community members in the driver’s seat of their own media production.


The low power FM station will advance the People’s Press Project’s educational programs by broadcasting:

  • Community discussion programs
  • Artistic Expression events
  • International news
  • Faith communities
  • Local news
  • Local Live Music
  • Ethnic music and ethnic news
  • Governmental meetings audio rebroadcasts
  • Comedy, live stand-up Open mic. sessions
  • Storytelling production
  • Sports reporting
  • Town Talk community discussions
  • Churches issues, news and announcements
  • Opinion talk radio
  • Live Interviews


Donations are being sought to implement funding for equipment, rent costs and technology costs. and Thanks to funding from the Bush Foundation, outreach, leadership development and skill building training will build the community leadership and participation in this station.


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