Podcast #11: Next Level of White Allyship

Next Level of White Allyship

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This Podcast was recorded  on 8/06/2015

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Next Level of White Allyship


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  1. Honestly, i was apprehensive to listen to this one. Cowardly- afraid that i might not be doing enough and that i might have feelings of defensiveness. We listened. We re-listened. Sometimes i have to stop my mind from jumping ahead and being defensive – because i know we are good people; but does that really make a difference to know, but not do anything?? i feel like listening to your discussions and reading your words has given me a new awareness of myself and my peers, and a new confidence that we can change the status quo. I’ve stopped being passive, being shy, stopped thinking someone else will take up the important work, stopped being afraid of my own white privilege, and afraid to confront the issues. It matters. It matters a lot. it matters so much i am flooded with emotion every day i hear about another injustice. Thinking we are good people, even knowing that we are good people is not enough. Words are not enough. We are not what we say, we are what we do.
    i can’t say how thankful i am for your voice in our community.


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