Podcast #21: Kill ‘em with Kindness

MN NiceKill ‘em with Kindness

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This Podcast was recorded  on 8/19/2015

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Sources related to story:

Hillary Clinton is confronted by #BlackLivesMatter movement leaders

Man arrested for bringing bomb to Kansas

Cindy Gomez-Schempp article – Kill ’em With Kindness


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  1. You’re right. I was wrong, weak, and abandoned my beliefs for the sake of being nice to an old friend that I never see. While my intention was not to be manipulative, I was trying to eat my cake. In doing so I allow them to continue to be comfortably, ignorant, and willfully racist and hurtful. And that makes me an enabler. I am ashamed, but thankful that you pointed this out. I know these are just nice words again from a progressive white liberal, but I’m not going to stop trying. I will keep putting myself in uncomfortable positions and be mindful to act with the integrity of my beliefs. If I don’t then you’re right, and I am just a hypocrite. Again, I’m sorry.


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