Finding Me – What Made YOU Queer?

Announcing the re-launch of Finding Me.
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Tonight on Finding Me

::  What is Queerness caused by?

:: Queer Genes?

:: Metrosexuality/Compulsive Heterosexuality/Invalidation & Gatekeeping – Let people be who they are or are going to be!

:: You either are in touch with yourself emotionally and straight your whole life or realize you’re queer and either way nothing is wrong with you.

:: What made ME queer? How about you?



Things That Made Me Gay | SarahStopIt on Youtube


What Are the Causes of Homosexuality | Olga Kahzan, The Atlantic


Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction | Veronique Mottier (Compulsive Heterosexuality, pg. 65) → Adrienne Rich’s Compulsory Heterosexuality Essay.

Social Media Commentary:

I Always Knew I Was Gay – a tweet thread by @LouisatheLast

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