Finding Me – March 7, 2018 – Dysphoria

For some reason, not just cis people like to police our gender expressions, but fellow trans folks as well.

Program Notes
:: Last Month – I told you…the history of the word queer, Rose McGowan, TERFS & the obstacles trans folks face to expressing our identities in a cissexist world not made for us. Which leads me to my next topic – dysphoria.

:: What is Dysphoria? Trans identity & Truscum/Transmedicalists

  • We already have Doctors that bar us when deciding we aren’t trans enough just because we like a traditionally gendered activity or expression for our assigned genders at birth.

:: About Me

  • I feel dysphoria in these ways – physical, social and how I present which is where I have control

:: Others

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Gender Analysis with Zinnia Jones

Do I Have To Have Dysphoria To Be Trans?


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