Finding Me – Jan 3, 2018 – New Year, New Us

A sledder goes down the pyramid of violence/rape culture.

Special In Studio Guest/Interviews: Cindy & Duke Gomez-Schempp

:: Last month missed topics: No rapists or pedophiles in my community. Do not ever let that stop, no excuses, for anyone.

:: Update: Matt Damon, men don’t know what assault and rape is anymore, “She Knew” – attacking women once again HOWEVER – “He’s the problem” a derailment saga. Yes, no more and violence pyramids.

:: Brief History of Queer Community in Fargo-Moorhead – Discussion with Cindy & Duke Gomez-Schempp

:: Problems we need to tackle – the treatment of supremacy in our communities so abusers experience consequences immediately and victims are safe – not doing so leads to further problems and we can’t let up.

:: Conclusion – Stop abusers, stop all forms of supremacy, support the victims, always.


Minnie Driver: men like Matt Damon cannot understand abuse

Chicago Tribune | 3 Big Problems with the Meryl Streep ‘She Knew’ Posters Popping Up in LA. by Heidi Stevens

Pyramid of Violence – CCASA

11th Principle! Consent (Pyramid of Rape Culture)

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