Finding Me – April 2018 – It’s A Phase!

Program Notes

:: Last Month – I told you…about dysphoria – and lack thereof. I hope it made you think and reconsider your own identity. I hope you read the articles to see if maybe transition is right for you or isn’t. It’s always your choice in the end. How far you go, and how many adjustments you want to make or cosmetic changes you can make on the surface.

:: This evening I’ll tell you my process of coming out in the stages I did. Please pay attention to my story as it may explain the feelings your children may have if you suspect that they are in the closet and the transition of coming out to be themselves.

:: my bisexual coming out – my family’s reactions and my coming out as trans later on with special guest speaking

::Don’t take it personally if your kids don’t come out to you first. It’s less painful if you go to friends and are rejected cause they’re easier to move on from. You can’t move on from family even if you can make new family with someone else.

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Sources & More Notes

  1. Listen to your kids
  2. Don’t bully them for being inconsistent with their identity, this transition is the hardest for them because it’s them, don’t make it about you.
      1. Listen to your kids but also listen to me so here are some resources if your kids haven’t already shown them to you
        A. PFLAG Parents for Lesbians and Gays
                  i. Read their history – it’s where I started my research
        B. CDC another useful base resource
        C. The best way to help your child is understand the history they’re inheriting by coming out as Queer/LGBT
                 i. Thecoggs: So apparently last year the National Park Service in the US dropped an over 1200 page study of LGBTQ American History as part of their Who We Are program which includes studies on African-American history, Latino history, and Indigenous history. Like. This is awesome. But also it feels very surreal that maybe one of the most comprehensive examinations of LGBTQ history in America (it covers sports! art! race! historical sites! health! cities!) was just casually done by the parks service.
                ii. 32 Chapters of content, as posted by tarastarr1 on tumblr.
      2. Credit Card’s Guide to LGBT finances:

        i. This guide that breaks down several financial pain points affecting the LGBT community, and provides a plan of action to help readers improve their financial situation for each of the following:

        • Retirement

        • Insurance

        • Marriage & Children

      3. The Recover Village: LGBTQ+ Community Resources for Substance Abuse:
        • Recovery Village is an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery. Quality content is key in providing those struggling with addiction and their parents, families, and friends with educational information on how to get help

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