A Mexican Crossing Lines – Who’s Next?”

A Mexican Crossing Lines – November 17, 2017 “Who’s Next?”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

Sexual Abuse continues to be exposed.  Tonight. A Mexican Crossing Lines takes aim at the abusers in our mist within so-called progressive media organizations. Truth Against The Machine, TYT, The Wolves Den, Activate Now and others.


:: Jordan Chariton sexual abuse charges
:: Similarities to Louis CK, Al Frankin and Ed Higgins

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Why I Left A Promising Position with an Up-and-Coming Progressive Media Organization by Christian Chiakulas


The Failure of the Progressive Movement: Examining the White Savior Complex, Sexual Harassment, Rape Culture & Misogyny by Paula Martinez-Benge


Taylor Raines – My official statement on the recent allegations made against Jordan Chariton:


Explaining my TYT Absence by Jordan Chariton



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