A Mexican Crossing Lines – Sticks and Stones

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 5, 2018 “Sticks and Stones”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: Discussion on Russian connections to the Left Progressives in this country and how the Trump Presidency was planned, manipulated and how the Left were major players in making Trump the president.

::  Alt Right meets Real Progressives

::  Julian Assange cultist

::  Rape Apologists and Racists

:: Wes Clark Jr. and Sean Stone

:: Sean Stone and Roger Stone

:: Roger Stone and Cassandra Fairbanks

:: World Wide Entertainment


Listen to an Audio Podcast of the Show Here: (Note, Audio Podcasts are edited recordings of FB Live videos and are not necessarily what is broadcasted on the air on the radio station):


FaceBook Live Video of this Show Before Broadcasting (Note, FB Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air and some never air on the radio station):



Stone Cold Truth.com – How it happened: The Making of the President


Who is Roger Stone



Sean Hannity Fox interview of Julian Assange


Roger Stone’s deleted tweets:


Ray McGovern Law and Disorder with NLG Jeff Haas


Podcast: http://lawanddisorder.org/2016/09/law-and-disorder-september-18-2016/

Linda McMahon will do Small Business in Trump cabinet


Sputnik on Randy Credico thrown out of WH correspondents dinner.



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