A Mexican Crossing Lines – Shut Down Shamers

A Mexican Crossing Lines – November 25, 2017 “Shut Down Shamers”

Discussion about the Jordan Chariton sexual abuse charges and discussion on shaming victims of sexual abuse.

DIscussion on:
Tim Black Show
Progressives vs. Conservative predator
Due Process
Triggers for Women – How are they coping w/ allegations in the media
Jordan Chariton and Zee Cohen texts and others
Ann Szalkowski (rape apologist for Jordan) FB post
Ty Bayliss is a co sexual assaulter along w/ Chelsea Lyons Kent
Males are not scrutinized (where is his statement. Jordan said he had written statements of both)
Chelsea Lyons Kent text messages to Jordan Chariton

Plus More


Listen to an Audio Podcast of the Show Here: (Note, Audio Podcasts are edited recordings of FB Live videos and are not necessarily what is broadcasted on the air on the radio station):

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FaceBook Live Video of this Show Before Broadcasting (Note, FB Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air and some never air on the radio station):


Survivor defense of Al Franken


Ann Szalkowski (rape apologist for Jordan) FB post


Jenn Dize (need to download FB video) https://www.facebook.com/jenndize/videos/10100126768183493/

If You Are Defending Jordan Chariton – Watch This Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHnGm6lhFVQ (Emmett Till Section) (Section is 11 minutes and 52 seconds)

Claudia Stauber Interview w/ Chelsea Lyons Kent (clip rape admission only)


Medium Article: https://medium.com/@charlesdavis/trevor-fitzgibbon-used-to-run-a-major-progressive-public-relations-firm-representing-clients-from-25e93256217f


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  1. Thank you so much for the last few episodes and your backlog. I’m crying and sad but also inspired. I’m gonna share my stories soon. Ive been a victim by 8 different people in my young years. Its refreshing to hear someone who clearly is aware of sexual assault law and rape culture…

    Like imagine if we all just rose up and shared our stories and the floodgates came open and these behavioral patterns become common discourse.

    Its the only way I can live with myself.

  2. In a semi-recent TYT Politic video, you can see Jordan treating Ty like absolute garbage. After seeing this behavior, it wasn’t hard to believe all these stories about him coming out. As intersectional feminists, we KNOW that racism and sexism go hand in hand.

    The title of this specific video is “Socialist Tsunami REAL Election Story” and here is the link

    I couldn’t even bring myself to share this video on my page because the way Jordan was treating Ty felt racist and wrong. I was hoping that it was an inside joke, a parody of racist behaviors. But at the end of the day… even if it was a “joke” Jordan was still effective in silencing a black voice.

    In my gut I knew it was wrong… plus him saying he’s single in so many other videos on TYT Politics… just shady and immature behavior. I just shrugged it off because these days the issues being covered ARE actually more important than personalities, but knowing what I know now about him, those were blatant red flags and I can’t support him via views, subscriptions, likes, follows, etc. I just can’t.

    And once again, I am re-learning to trust my instinct and not worry about seeming irrational or extremist or whatever word society throws at us for having convictions. Convictions, mind you, based on solid, consistent, frequent patterns I’ve both read about and experienced (not just a handful of times… this pattern is clear as day and pervasive as fudge).

  3. Cindy, I saw you for the first time on H.A. Goodman. In seeing Carly’s and Chelsea’s interviews I couldn’t understand how anyone could say she wasn’t gang raped by all three rapists. And there were many months of psychological rape leading up to the night when the physical rape occurred. I hope you can do more shows so people can learn. Perhaps the following You Tubes channel would be a venue Tim Black, Niko House, Jason Goodman, Jamarl Thomas, and Zoon Politikon.

    I hope Carly can hear you because I doubt she understands what happened.

    Thank you so very much.


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