A Mexican Crossing Lines – Publicists for Predators

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Dec 5, 2017 “Publicists for Predators”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

::  Jordan Chariton and the PR firm behind him

:: Ann Szalkowski and Vox Veritas.co

:: Trevor FitzGibbon and Julian Assange

:: Sneak Peek at Ed Higgins Drunk Live Feed

:: Standing Rock Phonies

and more….

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Trevor FitzGibbon Founder of PR Firm shut down over sexual harassment


Christian Chiakulas Article in The Daily Haze: Jordan Chariton PR Nightmare http://thedailyhaze.com/jordan-chariton-pr-nightmare-fitzgibbon-gosztola-vox-veritas/

Mona Cedillo Video DV Awareness – Narcissistic Abuse Recovery



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