KPPP-LP is Hiring New Underwriting Representatives

job openingKPPP-LP is Hiring New Underwriting Representatives

KPPP-LP 88.1 FM radio seeks a couple of motivated, self-starters with a dedication to community and a love of noncommercial radio, and/or sales enthusiasts, to join our underwriting team as underwriting representatives. The successful applicant(s) will help us build support from Fargo-Moorhead businesses through underwriting.

Underwriting is a form of sponsorship on public media such as KPPP-LP community radio.  Business underwriters provide KPPP-LP an important stream of income by financially supporting the station in return for on-air announcement spots describing their business

This is like a sales position. Underwriting representatives are fundraisers for the station who are paid on a commission basis. This position is opening in a new market and can provide an income stream better than that attainable at a commissioned sales position depending on fundraising efforts.

Underwriting is not advertisement. Underwriting acknowledges the support and donations from individuals, organizations and business in a public acknowledgement of our station’s appreciation for the support.  Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not allow commercial advertising, it does allow businesses to underwrite or fund stations like KPPP-LP FM and for them to receive on air acknowledgement in the form of an announcement that highlights your business or organization. Also, your underwriting costs are fully tax deductible and are considered a donation, even though you do receive acknowledgement on the air. You may have seen shows on PBS TV and radio and notice that their programming is sponsored by Underwriters.  This is the type of radio spots that we will produce.

For a more details on KPPP-LP Underwriting, follow this link:

Application period  open until we find the right person(s).

Contact:  Duke, (701) 367-0403 or

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