#FindingMe – Black Queer History & Uniting Communities

Tonight’s focus will be Black queer history, as it is in fact black history month (at the time of recording), so I’d like to point out some figures that I want to use as a way to look at how black queer issues matter today. Stonewall was not just the beginning. 

Thank you to Vio for granting permission to play their music here at KPPP-LP Fargo-Moorhead.

Follow their twitter @artofvio


Intro song: 【ABCD ORIGINAL】 Sile nim rep’yarse【KAITO V3 Soft】/ Vio ft AVANNA

Dance song: Calling / Vio


Outro song: Home / Vio

Link Sources:

Facebook Fan page for Nemo’s Fans (Follow for sources & updates mentioned in the show!)

Radical Archive Tumblr

Facebook Live show (recorded 2/27/17)

Listen to the archive show

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