A Mexican Crossing Lines – Zombies and other Appropriations

Zombies and other cultural appropriationsZombies and other Appropriations

This Show was Produced on 10/31/2015

A Mexican Crossing Lines is a new talk show produced live on 365live.com

Today we are discussing “Zombies and other Appropriations”

Our last show was about Somali Elders, and the day before we talked about how not to be racist on Halloween. Today we are talking about Zombies and other Appropriations

Today we have a special guest, our friend Anna Louise Shields Renner, a local artist, gardener, and thoughtful community member.

Topics covered were:
:: Don’t be a racist on Halloween
:: Day of the Dead is not Halloween – Why appropriation is not OK
:: Zombies are racist

Listen to the show:

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Sources related to story:

The Tragic Forgotten History of Zombies – The Atlantic

Day of the Dead: Jose Guadalupe Posada

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  1. thanks again for having me for this conversation. I have a lot to unpack. These discussions are so helpful for me as a white woman to work through these topics. Looking forward to another discussion about sci-fi… And the war on Christmas. Seriously I would LOVE to have that discussion with you 🙂


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