A Mexican Crossing Lines – Unholy Alliance

A Mexican Crossing Lines – September 18, 2018 “Unholy Alliance”

A Mexican Crossing Lines continues analysis of many of the the Standing Rock phonies and the tangled web of who was involved the most significant Social Justice manipulation at the Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota.  Also, all of these infiltrators participated directly or indirectly in the framing of Kathleen Bennett and the kidnapping of her mother Mary Trujillo at Standing Rock.

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Doug McLean and John Gonzales
:: Phil Lane Sr.
:: Jim Channon, Earth Battalion
:: Memnosyne Institute Joshua Raymond Frenk
::Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
::Christinal Hollenback
::MIT Solve

Also, an interview with Wesley Clark Jr. from June 20th, 2017

And More…

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