A Mexican Crossing Lines – #ShameShunShutdown Racists

A Mexican Crossing Lines – June 26, 2018 “#ShameShunShutdown Racists”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: #KKKaren aka Karen Stensgard of Moorhead, MN

:: Moorhead, PD and Clay Co. Sheriff’s

:: #SnowflakeSteve of Crookston, MN





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There’s Nothing wrong with treating an Asshole, like an asshole



US DOJ to stop using private prisons. How significant is the decision?



How For profit prisons are driving immigration detention policy



Private Fed prisons are more dangerous



Prosecuting Immigrants was 50% of all criminal cases in Fed court in 2015



Warehoused and Forgotten:



My Four  Months as  Private Prison Guard


The New World Holocaust



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