A Mexican Crossing Lines – “Political Unrest – from St. Paul to #DNCinPhilly”

st paulTopic: Political Unrest – from St. Paul to #DNCinPhilly

Today, A Mexican Crossing Lines interviews activist Janessa Marquette and St. Paul Information Officer, Mike re: protests in front of Governor’s mansion for Philando Castile. We will also talk about the walkout from the DNC and political unrest in Philly.

::  Protests in St. Paul for Philando Castile

::  70 arrests of protesters

::  Activist Janessa speaks on police overreach

::  St. Paul police discuss safety and information

::  Bernie supporters stage walk out of DNC

::  Michelle Obama references slaves in speech

::  BlackLivesMatters makes its appearance with #MothersoftheMovement

Listen to the Archive Show Here

Walkout of Bernie supporters from DNC

Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera gets water dumped on his head- Defends Roger Ailes

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