A Mexican Crossing Lines – Paloma For Fraud

A Mexican Crossing Lines – August 21, 2019 – “Paloma For Fraud”

:: Allegations against Paloma Zuniga Delint AKA Paloma for Trump Including:

:: Friend and associate of Sonia Diaz Vargas of Pueblos Sin Fronteras

:: Trump supporters are Paloma For Trump’s only targets

:: Legal problems in the USA and in Mexico for squatting, harassment, revenge porn

:: Paloma’s address in CA is a private PO Box violating voter fraud laws

:: Asks not to be associated with Nazis, then associates with Nazis

:: Parties with Good Friend and Anti-Trump Celebrety Cory Feldman


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Excerpt from Show Voter Fraud?


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Article Cory Feldman Against Trump Immigration Laws


Feldman Supports Hilary Video   https://youtu.be/8I61a5-6MgA

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