A Mexican Crossing Lines – Opportunists

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 9, 2019 “Opportunists”


Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Interviews with migrants in Tijuana OO and Alex Gomez
:: Luis Moncevias Gutierrez says he’s a coyote
:: Louis Moncevias Guttierrez is a drone pilot with Terrence Daniels
:: Orlando Cruz Drone pilot at Texas activist camps with Mason Bobby Leonard
:: Mason Bobby Leonard camp security/drone pilot with Dean Deadman
:: Shiye Bidzill aka Dean Deadman drone pilot worked with Myron Dewey
:: Myron Dewey Digital Smoke Signals trained drone pilots including Aaron Sturgeon
:: Aaron Sturgeon aka Prolific TheRapper faced charges for drone stalking police
:: Aaron, Myron and Dean Deadman all faced charges for their uses of drones


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