A Mexican Crossing Lines – Nathan Phillips Border Wall

A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 25, 2019 “Nathan Phillips Border Wall”

Tonight A Mexican Crossing Lines takes time to unravel the deceit of Nathan Phillips and his lies and their connections to a coordinated effort by Standing Rock phonies and their quest to position their so-called Movement into the current media of the nation.

:: Nathan Phillips,
:: Veterans Stand, Veterans Respond, Tulsi Gabbard,
:: Evan Duke, Brendon Tucker,
:: Adam Elfers, Kyla Hassig, Neville Robins, [Jake Lee],
:: Chase Iron Eyes, Mitra Singh, Ladonna Allard,
:: Ryan Pusser AKA Ryan Vizzions, No Spiritual Surrender,
:: Indian Problem, Desiree Kane,
:: Chase Iron Eyes,
:: Lolly B, Doug Mclean,


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