A Mexican Crossing Lines – MMIW Frauds

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: 

::  Trump’s MMIW Task Force rejected by AIM SoCal and MMIW CA board member

::  Problematic and dangerous men in MMIW movement exposed

::  Peter Rabago Gutierrez AKA Pete Hefflin convicted rapist and fugitive founder of Society of Native Nations and Trans Pecos Pipeline camp head security

:: Louis Moncivias Candela Gutierrez aka Louis Moncivias is actor-turned-activist and ex-felon convicted for human smuggling, head of Two Rivers Camp

:: Frankie V. Orona aka Frank Martinez, co-founder of Society of Native Nations now working with the Border Support Network texas camps is a convicted rapist.

:: Rape culture on the progressive left

FaceBook Live Video and YouTube Live Videos  (Note, FB and YT Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air and some never air on the radio station)




A Mexican Crossing Lines December 4, 2019 – “MMIW Frauds”

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