A Mexican Crossing Lines – Midterms 2018

A Mexican Crossing Lines – October 18, 2018 “Midterms 2018”

In North Dakota the overwhelmingly Republican legislature passed a Voter ID law that disenfranchises and targets predominantly Native American counties who voted Democrat and helped Heidi Heitkamp win her Senate seat in 2012.  Heidi won by a margin of less than 3,000 votes. It is widely known that she won because of the Native Vote. Republican strategy for the midterms includes targeting Heidi’s seat and winning it for the Republicans so that they can retain control of the Senate. Al Jaeger has stated that although he has only refereed a handful of cases of alleged voter fraud, none have been prosecuted. He denies that this law is meant to disenfranchise anyone saying its a simple requirement to request an ID with an address. No one living in ND or anywhere else for that matter sees this as anything other than a naked and racist attempt to keep first nations Americans from voting on their own lands.    

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines we discuss:
:: Voter Suppression in ND
:: Senator Heidi Heitkamp Apology
:: Kavanaugh and #MeToo
:: Elizabeth Warren DNA….plus more

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Excerpt–Heidi Heitkamp clip from A Mexican Crossing Lines – October 18, 2018 “Midterms 2018”


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