A Mexican Crossing Lines – Bad Actors – Caravan Support Network

A Mexican Crossing Lines – March 13, 2019 “Bad Actors – Caravan Support Network


Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Bridges Across Borders connection to Minority Humanitarian Foundation

:: Birdie Gutierrez and Estefania Rebellon

:: Democracy Now interview with Nicole Ramos

:: Intercept questions legitimacy of government investigation

:: Caravan Support Network bad actors

  • Evan K Duke III,
  • Myron Dewey,
  • Kiara Horsley aka Lilith Sinclair,
  • Laura Christina L. Berger aka Lolly Bee,
  • Jaime Skepskowski,
  • River Dougherty,
  • Rob Wilson

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Asylum Limit Imperiled


Article – Migrant Caravan Government Database


American Activists Accused of Kidnapping Caravan Migrant Child by Cindy Gomez-Schempp | Tore Says, February 28, 2019




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