A Mexican Crossing Lines – Love and Solidarity with Pueblos Sin Fronteras

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 30, 2019 – “Love and Solidarity with Pueblos Sin Fronteras”

:: Solidarity with Pueblos Sin Fronteras
:: Alex Mensing posts Journalists, Lawyers, Activists are being criminalized
:: PSF Alex Mensing requests court observers for Al Otro Lado
:: Joshua Nichols Posts Lilith Sinclair Border Security Checkpoints
:: Amnesty International offering campaign jobs helping refugees
:: Kara Lynum raises money for Al Otro Lado
:: Jenni Monet journalist arrested
:: Monet alleged racial profiling and police abuse from liquor store arrest
:: Monet’s connections to Standing Rock


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Video Alex Migrants need Tents https://www.facebook.com/alex.mensing.9/videos/10102467060707435/

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Kara Lynum podcast clip:



Kara Lynum Youtube Video https://youtu.be/gEYWfCRW3qs

Article about Native American Journalist arrested and lied about racial profiling




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