A Mexican Crossing Lines -Justice4JohnTorres

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A Mexican Crossing Lines

Today we are talking about: Justice4JohnTorres

:: Exclusive Interview with widow of John Torres: Rita Saenz
:: Brock Dale Strommen, 28, of Crookston only charged with manslaughter
:: Others involved in the death of John Torres
:: Rita wants Justice4JohnTorres
:: Support for Rita Saenz and her four children

Listen to the Radio Show Archive here- Justice4JohnTorres 


The Killing of John Torres

GoFundMe Rita Saenz and John’s 4 Children


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  1. Why is a grand jury making the decisions on what if any charges are brought against these criminals? Is it to take the heat off the prosecutors. Minnesota seems much different than nd. Why wasn’t there other agencies involved like bci or FBI especially considering the initial assault happened in one state and he passed away from his injuries in another state,ND


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