A Mexican Crossing Lines – Antifa Defenders

A Mexican Crossing Lines – July 11, 2019 – “Antifa Defenders”

:: KUTV report with Cherri Foytlin of Indigenous Environmental Network shared

:: Evan Duke sharing Salt Lake City, UT Chamber of Commerce protest

:: Andy Ngo journalist attacked by antifa and left media defends

:: Oscar el Blue Ramirez reports on Antifa activists volunteering with Al Otro Lado

:: Mitchell Verter aka El Chavo del 8 gets arrested

:: Mitchell Verter’s history with Antifa, philosophy, Activist Apps and 

:: Evan Duke promoting violent clashes with Portland Antifa activists


FaceBook Live Video of this Show Before Broadcasting (Note, FB Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air and some never air on the radio station):



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